The Natural World

Finding beauty in everything is something I strive to do.

The world is full of wondrous and magical places, it’s easy to find and appreciate them daily.

Sadly, it’s easy to overlook those things & places and ignore their magnificence.

Every day, I try to seek out the beauty surrounding me, to appreciate the natural world we live in.

This morning as I climbed into my frost covered car, freezing my buns off and angry that I had to consider getting my windshield scraper out.  I noticed how beautiful the frost looked on my windows.  Instead of being upset that it’s this cold in November, I smiled and snapped a photo.  Enjoy!




Milwaukee is a beautiful city.

Unfortunately we’re already experiencing freezing temperatures, but that didn’t stop me from getting out and taking a few shots of ‘landmarks’.

The top two photos are along Milwaukee’s Riverwalk Downtown, and the bottom two were taken in the Village of Shorewood at Atwood Park.  It’s basically a sculpture of a man made up of random letters.

I wish you could see the marvelous Lake Michigan in the distance on the third photo.  If I could sync the sound of the waves and the cool crisp air of last night to this photo, you would really get an experience.  My boyfriend and I could have stayed out there all night if it wasn’t for the freezing wind.

I love that this course has me inspired to get out and see things that I normally don’t take the time to see and appreciate.  Last night was truly an adventure.


Picture of the day, theme: Street.

Photo101, street, sussex, wisconsin
Photo101 street theme

*Click for larger view

Here is my photo of the day.  It’s a lovely street in Sussex, Wisconsin.

It’s very cold, gloomy & winter-like already.  Trees are bare and air is crisp.  This photo was taken on my iphone 6 with no filter, so it may appear a bit dark.  The clouds looked miraculous, so I didn’t bother brightening the photo.

Enjoy this little view of Wisconsin, it really is a beautiful place!