Milwaukee is a beautiful city.

Unfortunately we’re already experiencing freezing temperatures, but that didn’t stop me from getting out and taking a few shots of ‘landmarks’.

The top two photos are along Milwaukee’s Riverwalk Downtown, and the bottom two were taken in the Village of Shorewood at Atwood Park.  It’s basically a sculpture of a man made up of random letters.

I wish you could see the marvelous Lake Michigan in the distance on the third photo.  If I could sync the sound of the waves and the cool crisp air of last night to this photo, you would really get an experience.  My boyfriend and I could have stayed out there all night if it wasn’t for the freezing wind.

I love that this course has me inspired to get out and see things that I normally don’t take the time to see and appreciate.  Last night was truly an adventure.



Picture of the day 3, Theme: Water

Here is a picture of the little bird bath in front of my house.  It always looks most lovely in the fall when the leaves from my tree fall in and sink to the bottom.  The natural water is always clear and still.  Occasionally, a perfect Autumn leaf drifts onto the water and makes for a wonderful photo.



“Telling me to wrap these arms around you, soothing my mind with your love.  Or when you look at me with smiles in chestnut colored suns, resting in a sky colored white, watching me like it views the land.”–Unknown