Photo challenge day 4, theme: bliss

I had a hard time deciding what to post that represents ‘bliss’.  Many things I enjoy crossed my mind.  The cool thing about this challenge is that inspires me to think, and then.. To act.  I have a very small bath tub at home, and although I enjoy taking baths, I usually only take one or two a year.  The shower is much more convenient.. The challenge today made me take the time to run a nice…warm, and relaxing bath.  So thank you photo 101, for inspiring me to do something enjoyable.


Candles, bubbles, salts, & a lush bath bomb–truly a beautiful thing.



Picture of the day 3, Theme: Water

Here is a picture of the little bird bath in front of my house.  It always looks most lovely in the fall when the leaves from my tree fall in and sink to the bottom.  The natural water is always clear and still.  Occasionally, a perfect Autumn leaf drifts onto the water and makes for a wonderful photo.



“Telling me to wrap these arms around you, soothing my mind with your love.  Or when you look at me with smiles in chestnut colored suns, resting in a sky colored white, watching me like it views the land.”–Unknown


Picture of the day, theme: Street.

Photo101, street, sussex, wisconsin
Photo101 street theme

*Click for larger view

Here is my photo of the day.  It’s a lovely street in Sussex, Wisconsin.

It’s very cold, gloomy & winter-like already.  Trees are bare and air is crisp.  This photo was taken on my iphone 6 with no filter, so it may appear a bit dark.  The clouds looked miraculous, so I didn’t bother brightening the photo.

Enjoy this little view of Wisconsin, it really is a beautiful place!

Jack of all trades, Master of none

In this world, it’s hard to stand out.  It’s hard to be ‘special’.  I often ask myself, what am I good at that makes me stand out from the rest?

The answer is–nothing.  I’m not particularly great at any one thing.  Sure, I’m good at story telling, reading, writing, being a friend/girlfriend, & party planning.  But I wouldn’t consider myself an expert at any one of these things.

I sometimes regret not choosing something as a young child and perfecting it.  I could be a professional dancer or gymnast right now, if I’d only started when I was young!

UGH–I know I’m not the only person who feels that way.

But should we?  Should we really feel like we aren’t special just because we’re not the best at any one particular thing?  My answer–NO.

Forget feeling sad or upset that there is someone out there who is better at baking lemon meringue pie than you.  Just be happy that you can make the lemony filling luxurious and smooth in consistency.

Point being, we shouldn’t feel down on a regular basis because we’re not great at everything we do.

I try to remember that when i’m scrolling through my news feed and see my friend’s newest abs selfie or my other friends status about running a marathon.

I’m writing this mostly because I’ve been feeling down about this a lot lately.  With everyone my age already starting the careers, buying houses with their spouses (Hey, that rhymes!) traveling the world and falling in love.  I’m still here working my contract job that could end any minute, living at home, and watching the latest TV shows on Hulu.

But hey, that’s life!  Overall, I live a pretty good one (I do travel quite often, so I can’t complain).  I decided that I no longer want to feel bad about being completely average.  No one should feel bad about that.  Just do the best you can, and if you decide to pursue something and become great at it, just know, it’s never to late to try.