2014 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

While searching for gift ideas for my best friend (who also happens to be my cousin) I came across so many awesome ideas I just had to share!!  If you have a very close relationship with your best friend, like I do, you know that it’s not necessary to spend oodles of cash on a gift just to impress her.  You know she’ll love any gift, and she understands just how broke you really are. 🙂

Today I’m going to feature 5 items.  I may end up doing another post in the near future.  But for now, here are 5 of my favorites!

If your looking for gift ideas for your best guy friend, then i’m sorry to let you know that this list probably won’t help you much.  The list mostly consist’s of women’s gifts.  But who am I to say guys wont like what’s on this list, so here goes!

1) Kate Spade Jewelry


   This is a go-to gift for my close friends.  I love the look and quality of Kate Spade Jewelry.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of expensive jewelry on their site.  But there is also plenty of  not-so-expensive pieces as well.  This piece above is only $48.00 and comes in a few other colors.  They have a lot of affordable earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces!  The packaging is super colorful and adorable too.  Your best friend will love you for getting her designer jewelry, and will probably think you spent way to much! Win!

Kate Spade Site:


2)       Clarity Candle — Or other Jewelry Candle


These candles make super cool unique gifts!  At only $23.95 (and $5 shipping) you can get one of these large lovely candles that contains a surprise ring!  I personally have the Tropical Oasis Candle (featured above) and it smells delightful.  I burned it every day for about a week because I was so excited to find the ring.  You can choose the ring size, but the ring and it’s worth will be a surprise.  Super cool, huh?! The ring I got is BEAUTIFUL and I wear it all the time.  Clarity Candles Facebook page has specials and discounts all the time.  So, go like their page and wait for a deal!  I swear, your best friend will be one lucky lady if she get’s a ring that’s worth $5000!!! (She has to split it with you, right?)

Clarity Candles Page:


3) The “I never buy this product for myself'” gift

We all have those moments in beauty stores where we see something we’ve used and liked, but never want to spend the money on it at the time because ‘you’ll pick it up later’ or ‘I can live without it, I guess’.  I go through this every time I go to Ulta or Sephora, and so does my best friend.  Whether you got it as a sample or borrowed it from a friend, we all have those products we like, but never buy.  I would love to get this as a gift, and I know my best friend will too!  We talk about makeup and products all the time, so I know exactly what to get her.  Here are a few

  If you’re anything like me, you think:

-Your old decrepid brush is good for another 6 months.

-The body wash you used at your friends house smelled delicious (all while making you crave an adult beverage) but can’t justify spending $20 on it.

-That Pore sample I got was simply amazing, but I need this $8 nail polish and concealer way more.

-Eye shadow primer.. Does that really work!? Yes, Chelsea, you used it religiously for 3 months.

Check out all of these items at Sephora!


4) Lokai Bracelet


At only $18.00, this cool bracelet has an inspiring meaning. It hold’s water from Mount Everest, the highest point, in the blue bead & mud from the dead sea, lowest point, in the black bead.  Together it represent’s going through the high and low point’s in our lives.  To top it off %10 of net profits are donated to communities to a variety of charities.  This is one of those gifts that you have to buy for yourself as well.  You’re Welcome!

Lokai Site:


5) Customized City Map Glass


If you’re like me, you love anything customize able.  But doesn’t it seem like it’s all so expensive??  No, I don’t want to spend $40 on a canvas 4×8 photo.  Anyways, I think these glasses are cool and practical.  My best friend is a bar tender, and loves to experiment at home.  She also has a love for travel.  BOOM, perfect gift.  at only $12.50, get her (or him) a set and pour a drink.

This site is filled with awesome gift ideas:


The End!


One thought on “2014 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

  1. What a cool post. I love those glasses and the bracelet. I also love Kate Spade but didn’t realize you could buy affordable jewellery there! Thanks so much for sharing!

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