Jam of the Week

I listen to a lot of music at work.  I find that i’m more efficient and motivated when i’m jamming to some tunes.

I’m the type of person that listens to a song over and over until I get sick of it–which usually takes about a week or two.

This week, I didn’t stumble upon this song on Spotify, which is what usually happens.  But no, I took the time to search for this duo’s new album, as I loved them from the first moment I heard them.

I’m not usually one to watch singing competition shows, but I got sucked into watching the X Factor with my mom last season.  The X Factor was officially cancelled in the US after last season’s incredibly low ratings.  Although, I was hooked after only a few episodes, I guess the rest of America wasn’t so thrilled.

Alex & Sierra are so wildly talented, and the main reason I couldn’t stop watching the show.  Every song they performed was fun and rendered in their own acoustic fashion.  Here is the song I fell in love with after one listen.

Alex & Sierra, Give Me Something

What I love most is how seductive and passionate the song is, & you wouldn’t be able to tell unless you listen to the lyrics.  It’s charming and adorable.  So take a listen and feel free to let your mind make up  it’s own music video.  It really helps the work day go faster.



2 thoughts on “Jam of the Week

  1. ohymgosh! I loved Alex n Sierra since their audition on the X Factor and Give Me Something is my favorite song on the album too!! Wow, I am so happy that someone else likes them haha because all my friends doesn’t really know who they are

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