The Natural World

Finding beauty in everything is something I strive to do.

The world is full of wondrous and magical places, it’s easy to find and appreciate them daily.

Sadly, it’s easy to overlook those things & places and ignore their magnificence.

Every day, I try to seek out the beauty surrounding me, to appreciate the natural world we live in.

This morning as I climbed into my frost covered car, freezing my buns off and angry that I had to consider getting my windshield scraper out.  I noticed how beautiful the frost looked on my windows.  Instead of being upset that it’s this cold in November, I smiled and snapped a photo.  Enjoy!



Jam of the Week

I listen to a lot of music at work.  I find that i’m more efficient and motivated when i’m jamming to some tunes.

I’m the type of person that listens to a song over and over until I get sick of it–which usually takes about a week or two.

This week, I didn’t stumble upon this song on Spotify, which is what usually happens.  But no, I took the time to search for this duo’s new album, as I loved them from the first moment I heard them.

I’m not usually one to watch singing competition shows, but I got sucked into watching the X Factor with my mom last season.  The X Factor was officially cancelled in the US after last season’s incredibly low ratings.  Although, I was hooked after only a few episodes, I guess the rest of America wasn’t so thrilled.

Alex & Sierra are so wildly talented, and the main reason I couldn’t stop watching the show.  Every song they performed was fun and rendered in their own acoustic fashion.  Here is the song I fell in love with after one listen.

Alex & Sierra, Give Me Something

What I love most is how seductive and passionate the song is, & you wouldn’t be able to tell unless you listen to the lyrics.  It’s charming and adorable.  So take a listen and feel free to let your mind make up  it’s own music video.  It really helps the work day go faster.



Milwaukee is a beautiful city.

Unfortunately we’re already experiencing freezing temperatures, but that didn’t stop me from getting out and taking a few shots of ‘landmarks’.

The top two photos are along Milwaukee’s Riverwalk Downtown, and the bottom two were taken in the Village of Shorewood at Atwood Park.  It’s basically a sculpture of a man made up of random letters.

I wish you could see the marvelous Lake Michigan in the distance on the third photo.  If I could sync the sound of the waves and the cool crisp air of last night to this photo, you would really get an experience.  My boyfriend and I could have stayed out there all night if it wasn’t for the freezing wind.

I love that this course has me inspired to get out and see things that I normally don’t take the time to see and appreciate.  Last night was truly an adventure.


Photo Challenge Day 5: Solitude

Once again I had difficultly choosing what to take a photo of to represent ‘Solitude’.  I woke up and went to work as usual, and sat at my desk wondering what I could take a picture of.  At work, I don’t have many cool photo opportunities.

We’re at that unfortunate time of year in Wisconsin that it gets dark by 4:30pm.  So by the time i’m done with work–It’s dark out.  My prime picture opportunities seem limited.

Today, we were lucky enough to have a duck wander into our parking lot.  We are no where near water, so how he ended up here, and not flying south with his ducky friends is beyond me.  He’s been pretty cool all day, just hiding under cars and eating little scraps of food lying around.  I thought.. what a lonely duck..

Then it hit me… perfect opportunity to capture ‘solitude’.  I mean–what represents solitude better than a lonely hiding duck in Wisconsin?


Lonely Duck
Lonely Duck


Photo challenge day 4, theme: bliss

I had a hard time deciding what to post that represents ‘bliss’.  Many things I enjoy crossed my mind.  The cool thing about this challenge is that inspires me to think, and then.. To act.  I have a very small bath tub at home, and although I enjoy taking baths, I usually only take one or two a year.  The shower is much more convenient.. The challenge today made me take the time to run a nice…warm, and relaxing bath.  So thank you photo 101, for inspiring me to do something enjoyable.


Candles, bubbles, salts, & a lush bath bomb–truly a beautiful thing.


Picture of the day 3, Theme: Water

Here is a picture of the little bird bath in front of my house.  It always looks most lovely in the fall when the leaves from my tree fall in and sink to the bottom.  The natural water is always clear and still.  Occasionally, a perfect Autumn leaf drifts onto the water and makes for a wonderful photo.



“Telling me to wrap these arms around you, soothing my mind with your love.  Or when you look at me with smiles in chestnut colored suns, resting in a sky colored white, watching me like it views the land.”–Unknown